Genesis Animal Rescue

Genesis is dedicated to ending the suffering of animals by providing compassionate care, rehabilitation, and adoption.

Organization Information:

GENESIS ANIMAL RESCUE, established in 2001, is an ALL volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c) 3 charitable organization who relies on supporters dedicated to rescue.  We are a licensed animal shelter/foster home organization with the Department of Agriculture for Illinois.

All incoming animals are given a complete health check upon arrival, and provided all necessary medical care. After evaluating health and temperment a care plan is outlined for each animal. Abuse and severe neglect are sometimes seen in our incoming animals. The care plan and healing process must often encompass both physical as well as psychological healing.

Our group consists of individuals who have donated countless, volunteer hours to the plight of homeless and abused animals. These people open their homes and hearts to act as foster parents until permanent placement is established.

Visits/Adoptions are by appointment only.

Intake Policy:

Genesis Animal Rescue focuses on adult mix breed dogs as well as cats and kittens from central Illinois.

Genesis Animal Rescue receives animals into their program via notification of animals in acute crisis situation or through affiliated animal control.

Although Genesis does not accept owner relinquished animals, we do provide guidance and assistance in helping owners rehoming their pets. Assistance includes a written guide for rehoming your pet and listing their pet as a courtesy listing on our website if the animal meets the following criteria: healthy, up to date on routine vaccinations and spayed/neutered and no history of aggression.