If You Have Found A Stray

  1. Call local police, animal control agencies, shelters/rescues, and local veterinarian clinics to report the pet as found.
  2. Have the pet scanned for a microchip at a shelter, animal control, or vet clinic.
  3. Post flyers with a picture of the found pet
  4. Post on social media pages-personal, county lost/found pets, local rescues, etc.
  5. If you cannot keep the pet, you will need to bring him/her to animal control where the pet can be housed and it's owner will have an opportunity to find them.

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Giving Up A Pet You Own

Your pet will be most likely to find a home if you are willing to play an active role in finding him a home.

  • Most owners relinquish pets due to behavioral problems that can be fixed. Please try a consistent training program before giving up your pet.
  • Try creating a color flyer of your pet along with detailed information about their personality, age, etc. Vet clinics, grocery stores, pet supply stores, offices, churches, etc are all good places to hang these up.
  • Ensure your pet is spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines before you place him.
  • Be certain that the animal you are rehoming does not have a bite history, or that the adopter is fully aware of any issues. Placing a pet that has bitten and failing to disclose this information can lead you to legal troubles.
  • Network with friend, family, co-workers, etc. Word of mouth is the best advertisement!
  • Do not place "free to good home" ads. Charge a fee to help ensure your pet is going to a home where it will be enjoyed as a companion and where the new owners can financially afford his care. 
  • You owe it to the pet to ensure, to the best of your ability, it is going to a safe and responsible home. Do a home check, ask for references, meet the family's other pets. Let them know you would like to do a follow-up to ensure the adoption is successful.
  • Be patient, placing a pet can take a while. Your pet will be happier with you in a loving home, than in a shelter setting.
  • If you must place your pet in a shelter or with a rescue group, ensure they are a no-kill facility that is state licensed. If your pet is purebred, try a breed specific rescue group.

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Contact our Intake Coordinator for further assistance on placing your pet.


Returning a Pet ADOPTED From Genesis 

PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. As stated in your adoption contract, all pets adopted from Genesis Animal Rescue MUST be returned to our organization in the event that you are no longer able to care for them.